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Session at Chapter Arts

This fun-filled extremely interactive session would cover the basic elements of a full-day session in a concise form. A small group from 5 to a bigger group of up to 20 individuals can take part in this session. Inner connect's holistic approaches benefit individual health through participation.

Full Day Session

A full day session comprises of intense yet very effective healing process through variety of group activities yet individual focussed based on an ancient Indian music technique. Each of these activities will be carefully selected and redesigned for a particular group's needs. It's common to feel like the entire day flies by so quickly that it doesn't seem boring at all. Individuals get the idea to explore not only handheld instruments but also experience numerous sounds from nature to various alpha brain waves that have an instant positive impact on the body and mind. Engaging in body movements that incorporate deep breathing can be an interesting activity that promotes a focused mind and a balanced body. One of the features is collaboratively phenomenal music through individual creative participation can be a rewarding group activity. This involves achieving balance through guided meditation and awakening inner energy by listening to live Indian spiritual especially designed sound baths as well as Live Indian Vibrational Raga.

Half Day Session

Half a day session consists of the detailed practice of ancient techniques, activities and an approach of using India's ancient music to support emotional and mental well-being. for body and mind healing. The session will be delivered in two parts. The first part will involve an introduction and activities that build up an individual's confidence as well as foster trust within the group. The second half of the session is focused on unlocking and activating inner energy and promoting self-expression by encouraging freedom and putting participants in charge of their own health.

Session for Children

In order to make a boring dull day into a fun filled, exciting and adventurous day, a specially designed Inner Connect activities are ideal.